Helpful Tools


1.Spark People is an awesome way to log your workouts, food, and get connected with people just like you. It was an invaluable tool for me throughout my first year. I haven't stayed active on the site, but really enjoyed it when I was.

2. Q:How many calories are in a 54th Street Grilled Chicken Salad with no dressing?
   A: 500

You can find out information like this through My Fitness Pal. It has become my best friend when dining out.

3. Starting a running routine? I LOVE this app for my phone. It logs my runs and tracks my routes and even keeps me updated as I run regarding my speed and distance.

4. Another great app is the Tabata Timer.  I don't have a gym membership so often times I'm stuck doing workouts at home. Strength training can be difficult in that regard, but Kayla introduced me to Tabata training. It's a fast-paced, short style interval training that really gets the job done. You can read more about that here. It's not a style of workout that I would incorporate when you've just started a workout routine.

5. And of course Pinterest. It's great for recipes and finding new styles of workouts. But mostly I use the humor page to lift my spirits.

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